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Hi! I’m a duo-lingual adaptation of legends from some of the most influential indigenous cultures of the Americas which are still a vital part of contemporary Mexican culture: the Aztec, the Huichol, and the Maya.

I am divided into three sections – one for each culture.  Each section features a legend, a traditional song, and an art-based activity.

Follow the book’s narrative with my CD. Original pre-Hispanic melodies and atmospheric sounds, created by replicas of ancient pre-Hispanic instruments, accompany the bilingual storytelling.                                                                                           
My audio track includes songs performed in the original indigenous languages and also has spoken directions to facilitate the art-based activities.

I will last a long time because I am sturdy and strong, with a hard cover, a sewn binding, and heavy fine paper.

I was created by bilingual and bi-cultural Mexican and Mexican-American artists and arts educators from Mexico and Portland, Oregon, USA.